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Use Case

Optimize Operations with ITOM Insights

Optimize IT infrastructure for improved business performance

Gain real-time visibility and control over IT infrastructure, enabling proactive issue resolution and optimized resource utilization for improved business performance.

Monitoring and visibility

Monitor IT infrastructure components such as Servers, Applications, Network, and storage.

Real-time visibility into system performance and availability.

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IT service management

Automate workflows, eliminating costly manual processes, while making your business more efficient, compliant, and secure.

Pre-defined workflow blocks integrate smoothly with external systems and data sources to pull in required information and connect to other tools for end-to-end automated processes.

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Configuration management

Identify, organize, and manage all the assets in your environment.

Automate the management of IT infrastructure components, including updates, patching, and compliance monitoring.

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Automation and orchestration

Provision resources, scale applications, patch systems and proactively secure and heal devices with AI-powered automation.

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Analytics and reporting

Enable IT teams to gain insights into system performance and identify trends.

Predictive analytics, machine learning and anomaly detection.

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Ivanti ITOM product solutions

Ivanti offers a comprehensive suite of products that will enable you to build an accomplished IT Operations Management solution.

Ivanti Neurons for
Edge Intelligence

Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence gives IT the ability to gather real-time insights from all devices using Natural Language Processing.

Ivanti Neurons for

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery delivers accurate and actionable asset information in minutes. Determine what users and endpoints connect to the network, when they connect and what software is installed on them.

Ivanti Neurons for

Deliver world-class service management outcomes for IT and the enterprise. Transform the employee experience with truly modern service delivery that enables you to reduce escalations and accelerate resolutions.

Ivanti Neurons for

Get complete visibility across all endpoints, including mobile, desktop and IoT, and proactively secure and heal devices with AI-powered automation.

Ivanti Neurons for
Patch Management

Prioritize and patch vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure, patch reliability and device compliance with Ivanti’s cloud-native patch management solution.

Manage all aspects of your IT Environment

Gain the right insights, automate tasks, and proactively take action to ensure your environment remains productive and secure.

Real-time operational IT awareness

Find out what is going on in IT right now, compare actual state versus policies, and measure the progress of projects.

Accurate data

Discover and inventory all IT assets in real time to improve security posture.

Complete insight

Analyze dashboards and reports allowing IT to proactively take action on issues and trends.

Optimize your assets

Gain complete visibility to maximize the performance and value of your hardware and software assets.

Improve service quality

Automation services empower service owners and business managers to adapt, design and take control of workflows without any coding, improving service quality and consistency.

Manage and secure all your endpoints

Manage and secure any endpoint and its apps (including iOS, Android, macOS and Windows devices, as well as other immersive and rugged devices such as HoloLens, Oculus and Zebra).

Proactively diagnose and remediate issues quickly

Automate routine troubleshooting tasks and create a truly self-healing environment — because the best IT service experience is the one that never happens in the first place.

Deliver faster resolutions without disrupting users

Provides a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications, and services with real-time data. Cut complexity, long wait times and high escalation costs, for faster user resolutions and greater productivity.

Streamline patch management process

Establish a comprehensive inventory of the hardware and software in your environment so you always know what needs patching.

Get started with IT Operations Management

Maximize uptime and resource utilization with ITOM.