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Use Case

Augment Operations and Empower Workers with Robotics

Automation doesn’t have to be complicated

Ivanti Velocity makes it easy to integrate with Zebra/Fetch to drive efficiencies through a low-risk approach to robotics in warehouse operations.

Simple workflow integration

Velocity connects to your WMS and other enterprise systems. Adding Fetch robots to these workflows, without changes to the host applications simplifies and accelerates your warehouse transformation.

robots flow chart

Insights that yield efficiency

Ivanti Neurons for IIoT and Velocity provide material handers with critical insights, letting them know an AMR is on the way, or if the robot has been delayed (and why).

man scanning things in a warehouse

Safe and productive workers

Gain efficiency by eliminating the time workers spend navigating warehouse aisles. Workers avoid the repetitive trips towing goods to staging locations, along with associated heavy lifting, allowing them to focus on tasks that require human activity.

man operating a forklift


Easy integration

Fetch robots simply integrate into existing WMS workflows.

IIoT intelligence

Discover efficiencies where robots speed activity.

Voice-directed tasks

Voice enable Velocity tasks – even direct Fetch robots!

Hands off your WMS

Add Velocity, voice, and automation, without changes to your host systems.

Low-risk implementation

Deploy automation without disruption and downtime.

What are the clear benefits from Ivanti Velocity?

  • Integrate into any WMS
  • Integrate robotics into the broader IoT fabric of organization
  • Easily voice-enable with Speakeasy technology
  • Provide a feedback loop directly back to the task workers

All of these combine to accelerate warehouse optimization and improve productivity.

cellphone in a warehouse

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