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Smiling man sitting at a desk interacting with a laptop.

Optimize IT Efficiency and Employee Productivity

Automatically detect, diagnose, and remediate configuration drift, performance, and security issues on your endpoints to improve IT efficiency and productivity.

Proactively detect and remediate device performance issues to improve IT efficiency and employee productivity.

What if you could quickly identify poor device performance and stop any impact on productivity in its tracks?

With Ivanti, you can proactively detect and remediate endpoint issues and security vulnerabilities before employees even know they have an issue or suffer any impact.

Discover device issues and security vulnerabilities

In real time, discover and inventory all endpoints connecting to your network to reduce security risks.

Group of 3 people standing in a circle each using a mobile computing device.

Measure device performance and productivity degradations

Measure, score and optimize the digital employee experience so you can track it over time and predict productivity degradation.

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Recommend automated troubleshooting actions to remediate root causes

Take effective actions immediately and resolve device issues faster without interrupting users. Optimize IT resources by reducing routine tasks and troubleshooting.

Man wearing glasses sitting at a desk interacting with a laptop.

Resolve device issues, security risks and experience impacts proactively

Pre-built and configurable AI-driven automation bots detect, diagnose and auto-remediate configuration drift, performance and security issues and maintain compliance of your endpoints.

A woman holding a smartphone in her right hand.

Intelligent automation to elevate Everywhere Work

You’ll improve your IT efficiencies by autonomously self-healing common endpoint management tasks and significantly reduce hours spent on routine repair. While your employees can effectively and productively work from Everywhere.

Ivanti Neurons for UEM

Discover, manage, secure and heal all your devices - no matter where they are.

Ivanti Neurons for DEX

Track, measure and optimize your employees’ digital experience to improve productivity, security and employee retention.

Cloud solution designed for rapid time-to-value

Equip your endpoint management with AI and automation, bringing proactive detection, diagnostics and remediation of device performance, security and compliance issues.

Easily extend what you already have from Ivanti or integrate with your existing ecosystem to start improving your IT efficiency and employee productivity today.

Asset discovery

Discover and inventory all your endpoints in real time and gain accurate and actionable asset insights in minutes

Real-time insights

Query all devices using natural language processing (NLP) and sensor-based architecture to get real-time intelligence across the organization in seconds.

Endpoint and risk management

Comprehensive Device Management to manage and secure any endpoint and its apps including iOS, Android, macOS, ChromeOS and Windows devices.

IT analyst workspace

Automated quick actions to remote control, troubleshoot and resolve user issues. View and drill down into device, people and enterprise-wide Digital Experience Scores and cut complexity, long wait times and high escalation costs for faster user resolutions and greater productivity.

AI driven automation bots

Take troubleshooting off your agenda with co-pilot bots that auto-detect, diagnose and self-heal endpoint issues. Collect interactive feedback from your users in real-time to improve your employees’ digital experience.

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