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Ivanti Help@Work

Help where and when you need it

When users experience problems on their mobile devices, resolving them can be a tricky process if the help desk agent can’t see what’s going on. Relying solely on user descriptions of the problem can be frustrating, time-consuming, and unproductive.

Help is a Tap Away

With Ivanti Help@Work, help is just a tap away, which enables mobile employees to resolve problems and get back to work as quickly as possible. Help@Work allows iOS and Android users to simply tap to share their screen with help desk staff. This means users don’t have to spend valuable time trying to describe their issues — and agents don’t have to rely on confusing user descriptions to understand and solve problems.

Help@Work Features

Quick help desk access

Give users quick access to help desk resources in one tap from their iOS or Android devices.

Help desk remote view

Help desk staff can remotely view a user's iOS or Android device screen.

Reduce downtime & cost

Organizations save money by reducing downtime and help desk costs.

IT support anywhere

IT can provide support over any network including WAN, Wi-Fi, cellular, and inside and outside of the corporate firewall.

Real time support

Enable agents to view problems in real time rather than rely on user descriptions.

Customer branded help desk page

Companies can customize the help desk contact page with their brand, logo, and colors.

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